Monday, July 13


*Linking up with Becky*
Life is all about the little victories these days, and apparently I'm celebrating them all. Including this little roll I've been on, blogwise. Big thank you to Becky for this link up that keeps me partially accountable.

Currently around the Johnson Anderson house we are...

Enjoying this super simple, super delicious White Pepper Cheeseburger Pie. Mark announced about a month ago he was going "low carb" whatever that means to this fueled by cupcakes person, and I've been struggling on what to make for supper most nights. This is in heavy rotation.
Obsessed with theSkimm. If you don't get these emails, sign up immediately. Basically, they break down all the major news stories of the day in easy to understand and snark filled chunks. For example, a few weeks ago during the height of the first round of Greek Bailout Talks, they said, "European leaders are saying 'you can't sit with us' if Greece votes "no" to the new bailout terms." How can you not love current world news and Mean Girls references?

Sad that I finally finished White Collar. I now have to find something else to get completely addicted to on Netflix. Any recommendations? Don't worry Neal Caffrey, I'll always think you're super hot. #NealandSarahForever
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I'm heading to Mississippi tomorrow for my first of three back to back weeks worth of work trips to round out July. #blessed
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  1. I don't know how I missed that cheeseburger pie, but it has now been added to my "to cook" list. Like OMG yay low carb! :-) Also, love the Skimm, and White Collar. So sad it's over.

  2. Love Neal and White Collar! Have you seen Tiffany on the Cooking Channel, she's as cute as she can be!

  3. I loved White Collar and just finished it recently too. Matt Bomer is so hot and the show was so much fun.
    Stopping by from the link-up - Jenny

  4. Found you via the currently link up - theSkimm sounds like the perfect thing for the means girls reference!


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