Tuesday, July 7


A few years ago, a very dear friend of mine started a social media campaign called #posituesday.

The "rules" are simple; you share something positive on Tuesday. Lately, as life has twisted and turned and been really, really, Fing hard, I've noticed that it's hard to be positive. Sure, I have moments, like this morning, where I'm in the moment and laughing at my covered-in-prunes babies. The majority of the time, though, I yell more than I don't. I'm stressed more often than I'm not about our family's finances, Mark's new business, Alex's recent stomachaches, where we're going to live, ya'know big stuff.

So today I am mindfully making the decision to bring back #posituesday. I know I can count on my dear friend Farren to post a #posituesday thread on Facebook each week, but I'm going to shake it up a little for myself.

I'm going to try, for the four Tuesdays of July, to post my own #posituesday here, so I can remember the positive things, the adorable baby animal pictures and adorable pictures of my own kids.

What do I love today?

Baby penguins.
Buzzfeed via Pinterest

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