Friday, October 16

The Hard Hat Diaries: Appalachian Psychics

A few weeks ago I made my third trip of the year to North Carolina, and even though I haven't had the most successful of trips in the past, each time I visited this year I actually almost forgot all about that little ER trip in Raleigh, which is probably 100% thanks to the amount of CookOut I consume on each trip. #gimmemilkshakes

North Carolina really has something for everyone, and since I usually traverse the state during my week long trips, I can say with confidence I really love it. In fact, I’m dying to head back to Little Washington now that the leaves are changing.

Or spend a long weekend around Appalachia. I mean seriously, doesn't it get any more beautiful than this?
Probably not. Unless of course I'm back on that sidewalk in Boone when a "psychic" was telling me I am going to get fired in March and my husband is going to leave me. That only took me a solid 36 hours of freaking out before I realized it wasn't true. Glad I didn't give her the $75 she wanted to reorder my chakra and aura color. Also, what's with all the Subarus? It seemed like every time I turned around in that area there was another damn Subaru.

Besides being able to temporarily escape the still blistering heat of Alabama, this last trip was for the Mid-Atlantic Logging & Biomass Expo…which means another edition of Woods Barbie: The Erin Andrews of the Forest.

Did I miss the class in college where you learned how to do live shots in the sun without squinting? Maybe I was just absent that day?

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