Friday, August 14

Day Trip: Little Washington, NC

A few weeks ago, on a recent Woods Barbie adventure, I found myself with an unexpected half day off. Instead of going for a long run or catching up on sleep, on a total whim I decided to head into Washington, NC, which looked like a "nice exit" off the highway. Boy, am I glad I did. I stumbled into an awesome little town, rich with history and plenty of things to do! Washington, about an hour and 45 minutes from Raleigh, would be the perfect weekend getaway!
When I think about the towns described in Nicholas Sparks novels, I think about Washington. This waterfront town is quaint, historic, and not without it's Southern charm.
 When I first got into the town I headed for the Chamber of Commerce. I was able to pick up quite a few helpful pamphlets and talk with a local on where to eat and what to see. I grabbed the information for the walking tour of Washington, and definitely hit a few of the spots, but I did not walk the full tour.
As early as 1585, the first English explorers visited the area that would become Washington. The town took shape in the 1770s and was named in honor of General George Washington. During the War for Independence, with Wilmington, Charleston and Savannah under British control, the Continental Army relied on Washington as a supply port. During the War Between the States, Washington fell early to the Federal troops and a fire destroyed the town. However, on the walking tour, and even just looking around, you can see many plaques, old buildings and points of historical interest. It was such a fun place to explore! 
I stopped for lunch at Down on Main Street, a local café with a view of the river. I enjoyed a chicken philly sandwich (amazing!) and grit cakes with some sort of spice I couldn't exactly place.
 The grit cakes were good, but that little bit of heat confused me a touch. I was expecting creamy and got a punch. I washed it down with a golden ale from a North Carolina brewery.
  After lunch I walked around the town and hit South Market Antiques & Little Shoppes, which boasts over 5000 sq. ft. of pretty much anything and everything you could think of. It was precious and had a good variety of items. I ended up bumping into one booth owner and chatted with him about my love for vintage jewelry.
I was able to pick up quite a bit of pieces, all very affordable. After my little shopping excursion I hit Rachel K's Bakery, another local favorite for a cookie the size of a manhole cover. Crispy edges and a gooey center, I can see why the women at the Chamber of Commerce recommended it. I grabbed a second cookie for the road and headed inland back to my hotel and, sadly, back to some writing.
 I don't often find myself able to have these little experiences while I'm gathering stories and I was so glad I made the time. I got back to my hotel actually feeling relaxed.

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  1. Nice post about Washington. Thanks for writing it.


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