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Thanks to a little traveling hiatus, I've been able to set aside so time to keep our daily happenings documented, which means I've FINALLY been able to catch up on everything that was pushed aside during July. #littlevictory

Currently around the Johnson-Anderson house we are...

Obsessed with RaeLynn. I am not a "Voice" watcher—though I definitely watch the blind auditions when I might catch them, but I'm newly obsessed with last season-Team Blake-competitor RaeLynn. I've loved the song "God Made Girls" for a while but the entire EP is fantastic. I had a chance to listen to it on my trip to San Diego a few weeks ago and it's excellent. But the song "Kissin' Frogs" was really what stood out. Sounded like something I would have said not too long ago...
Ready for some football. Seriously. Like counting down the days, ready. This little beauty from Scarlet & Gold popped up on an email about a week ago (& it's on sale!) and I think it might have to make it's way to us. I've already got one of their prints framed in our living room, but one can never have enough, right? Right. ROLL TIDE.
via Scarlet & Gold
Proud of my home state. And my hometown. In a recent special election, a suburb of Atlanta, where I actually went to high school, elected a Democratic State House Member. A former Georgia Tech QB-turned employment lawyer ran on a platform of anti-gay discrimination—and won! Despite getting outspent by his challenger 2-to-1 in a heavily Republican area, Taylor Bennett will now rep State House District 80. I couldn't be more thrilled. Though my parents live just outside of this district, I hope this trend continues past one special election and into 2016. #eternaloptimist To read more about this great story, check out the Daily Kos report from about two weeks ago.  
Taylor Bennett for State House via Daily Kos
 In love with the ugliest meatloaf ever. Is it just me, or is this literally the ugliest recipe photo you've ever seen? I know, I know, what a terrible lifestyle blogger I am. But seriously, this meatloaf is the best thing ever. It's paleo and keto friendly—which is a huge victory for us since we are low-carb. I make it probably once every two weeks. It doesn't make a ton of leftovers, but it's really filling! You can find the recipe for my adapted keto, paleo cheesy stuffed meatloaf as part of the Alabama Women Blogger's Foodie Friday series.

Cheers to a productive week!!!!!!!!

someecards via Pinterest

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  1. Mmmmm Meatloaf sounds delicious!!!
    yes, Cheers to a productive week!!!

    Thank you so much for joining my Currently series, sorry I am sooo late responding! Have an amazing week & Choose Happy!


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