Wednesday, August 12

Chicken Milanese

During my final year in Tuscaloosa I became a total creature of habit. One of those habits included going to the Rec gym during the lunch hour three days a week and running on the treadmill while I watched The Chew. I love cooking shows and the fun dynamic The Chew has is unmatched, plus I'm addicted to their recipes. They make really awesome recipes with pantry staples, like this Chicken Milanese from Iron Chef Michael Symon.

Y'all it is so good and so easy! I follow his directions pretty much exactly on the chicken (though I typically use boneless chicken breasts and add basil to my breadcrumb mixture). While the chicken is cooling slightly, I toss some greens with chunked mozzarella cheese and halved cherry tomatoes on the plate, top with the chicken, drizzle with some oregano infused olive oil and a squeeze of lemon juice before serving.

It's delicious, and most importantly, it's very light. You feel full but not like you're going to explode—which is how we quantify recipes around these parts, especially during the summer months.

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