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Tired from a full weekend of celebrating! Charles recently turned 10, and we had the chance to celebrate his birthday this weekend. I can't believe he's 10 already and halfway through third grade. We went to hibachi, per his request, and then enjoyed some chocolate cake. I was going to make the cake during the twins nap time, only to discover I had no white sugar...Thank god for google and the ability to get creative. I found this recipe, using boxed brownie mix and it turned out great. I made a few tweaks (mainly I used oil and not applesauce as she calls for.) Virginia and my mother-in-law proclaimed it one of the best cakes I've ever made. Charles loved trying to cut it with one of his presents. And they say city boys don't know how to correctly operate power equipment.
 Speaking of a fun weekend...Sunday gave us the ultimate surprise, a puppy! You know how this story goes, we were just going to look and play with some of the dogs. That went over like a lead balloon. Meet Chance Anderson. Mark and the kids are so in love and I have to admit he's really cute. We really are turning into #andersonpettingzoo. So far I've been able to resist chickens, rabbits and guinea pigs. Here's hoping that trend continues.
Anyone else a Chopped fan? This tickled me. I love watching Chopped and get some of my best dinner out of the pantry ideas thanks to it. I love when they do theme shows or have a special twist to the already challenging format, so coming across this Franciscan sister who actually won is pretty awesome!! Her dessert looked awesome, who knew pancakes could be so decadent. Way to go Sister Torres!

Is anyone else not that great at saying no? Because I'm freaking horrible at it. Last week I agreed to chair a fundraiser and take on some extra work projects. I don't mind, but I probably should have said no. Just like I probably should have said no to the puppy... I am considering printing this poster out and tacking it to my forehead.
Justine Musk via Pinterest

Cheers to a great week!

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  1. I am cracking up. That's priceless. I'm going to use one or more of them this week.


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