Tuesday, April 16

All Quiet on the Western Front

Call it the calm before the storm. Call it whatever the heck you want. Life is about to become an epic mess of fun things, work things, moving things, school things, life things.

That was my lead in sentence on yesterday's post about how Monday was going to be the calm before the storm that is about to become my life. Last week I was able to deny how busy and tired I was from the combination of sickness and back injury and just the sheer desire to think about it "tomorrow."

Yesterday I promised myself I would get my head out of my ass and recognize that life is changing. I am moving. It's happening at a very rapid rate. I work a busy job where I'm about to go out of town for a week with little internet and cell phone access. Sipsey is having surgery, possibly right at this moment. There's nothing I can do for her now. 

But this all seems trivial, because, Boston. At the same time, it doesn't seem trivial. Life is moving forward today. In my own way, from what seems like a different planet, I will try to be better, for Boston. Being better is all we can ask ourselves to do. The world, collectively, has a better heart than this.
I'm choosing to express mine by giving blood. It's something I have always done, when able, since I was 16. It's something so easy that can make such a difference. Maybe you'll think about it as well. Or say an extra prayer, or do whatever you can to be better. Let's all just be better; not "tomorrow" but today.

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