Wednesday, April 3

Wednesday Wisdom

This past weekend almost the entire Johnson crew, or really I guess the entire Williams crew plus Watsons and Johnsons!, gathered in Tuscaloosa for some family Easter fun and to celebrate the Baptism of sweet Saylor Grace. With three kids and lots of adults, more than half with Johnson blood running through their veins, it was definitely a fun, loud, hilarious weekend.

Saturday night, Kristen and I, over a pair of Sam Adams' summer ales, playing at a pink train table with her wonderful son, got to talkin'. Talkin' about life, love, the Internet, family, grammar. Basically Kristen was throwing down some wonderful big sister advice and I was soaking it up like a sponge.

Then she dropped this line. It is something that will never leave me in the time of 140 character snippets, one-picture stories and five paragraph blogs.

She is totally right. 

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