Wednesday, April 17

The things you do for love...

It's no secret that my Momma and I have a very interesting relationship. I love her to death but homegirl drives me crazy sometimes. That's the reality of grown up mothers and daughters though right? Right.

Anyway, I've become one of those people I make fun of. I've become a "Share it to Win it" person. Sorta. I'm not going to share this link more than once. I'm not going to beg for y'all's votes. I'm not going to remind you that every day you can click vote and hopefully help momma and me bank $5,000 to World Market. I promise we will share the wealth when if we win. No. Instead, I'm throwing our/my entry into the world just once via each of my social outlets and then seeing what happens.

My Momma is amazing, but hey, so is everyone else's. It's just pretty cool I got to share it with the world in this unconventional way. (Also, 150 words is SO not enough to discuss all of Linda's high points. Marrying a former bartender? GENIUS MOVE.) Plus, I mean, this picture.
I love you Momma. Hope we win. Yet, one of the most important lessons you taught me was that if it's meant to be, it will be. Maybe this is meant to be. Maybe not?

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